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Sleep Research Society
Sleep Research Society

The Sleep Research Society (SRS) is a scientific organization that educates and researches sleep. They serve their members, the field of sleep research through training and education as well as providing forums for collaboration and idea exchange. The SRS facilitates these goals by holding an annual conference in conjunction with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine where cutting-edge research is presented. The SRS Trainee Symposia Series is a program ideally suited for young researchers entering the field of sleep. New in 2019, The SRS will host bi-annual meetings with cutting edge ideas and research discussions that bridge Sleep Science Research with Circadian science. To advocate on behalf of its members, these groups support federal funding to increase federally funded sleep research through grass roots lobbying and communications efforts. The SRS is a non-profit organization that publishes the journals Sleep and Sleep Advances, produces educational products for its members as well as volunteer opportunities.


The Sleep Research Society is committed to advancing the understanding and treatment of sleep disorders.


The Sleep Research Society is an organization of scientists and researchers that fosters scientific exploration in all areas of sleep. Through its members, leadership, research findings and conferences the SRS has been successful in educating people on a variety of topics related to sleep.


Sleep research is a fast-growing field of study, and there are many conferences that provide opportunities to learn about the newest ideas in sleep science. The Society for Sleep Research publishes scientific journals on topics related to sleep health, such as treatment methods or new ways our brains work during REM cycles. They also aim to establish standards across all fields making sure data can be classified properly so we know what’s working best when treating patients with insomnia or other disorders.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mission Statement

The Sleep Research Society understands that diversity, equity and inclusion are vital components for the advancement of sleep science. The Sleep Research Society recognizes these factors as integral to its mission and endeavors to provide a welcoming environment while promoting healthy practices in all community members. The SRS challenges itself with creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome by upholding values such as equality, fairness, dignity and respect – which is what produces quality research projects at their end goal after all. The Society for Reproductive Science is committed to being a scientific community that recognizes, appreciates, values and welcomes the different and wide-ranging dimensions that contribute to society. This includes age, race/ethnicity, sex/gender identity expression (and other identities), sexual orientation (among others) as well as socioeconomic status of backgrounds or disadvantaged lives experienced by some groups in our communities.The SRS strives to create an environment that fosters a group of open-minded scientists, practical discoveries and innovations for the betterment of society. Powered by sleepresearchsociety.org

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